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My Story 

     I discovered the practice of qigong the way many healers find their life calling, through crisis. Just 3 months after the birth of my daughter in 2008 I found myself in a health crisis that neither western nor holistic medical practices could seem to untangle. I stumbled upon my primary teacher, Damaris Jarboux, and was so profoundly, and immediately affected by her treatment that I hungrily began seeking as much information on medical qigong as I could find. I remember leaving her office thinking, "Oh my god... it's like I've been breathing underwater for years and didn't know it! What the heck did she do? I don't know but I want more." 

     Working with Damaris as a client and student over the years has been a beautiful process of expanding and deepening my ability to experience myself and this ever-unfolding reality through tuning into the unseen world of energy. Completing Damaris’s four-year qigong healing training in 2012 was only the beginning of my dive into the deep and bottomless study of qigong.

     I continue to study with Damaris as part of an ongoing post-graduate community and am also immensely grateful to have studied regularly with Master Robert Peng since 2014. Robert’s life story reads like science fiction. I often compare him to Yoda. He is a true master and yet flinches when called so. He is heartbreakingly kind, humble and real. My heart can hardly stand it when I think about how unimaginably fortunate I am to have both Damaris and Robert as teachers. 

     In qigong, I have found a lifelong healing practice, a language and a structure that have allowed me to explore life from an energetic perspective, a window into the infinity within and without, a lifeline to that something greater and a bottomless pit of wonder that I would love to share with you. I genuinely love teaching the qigong practice forms and feel humbled, honored and awed to work with individuals on a deeper level, giving neurogenic qigong healing treatments. Under Neurogenic Qigong Treatments, you can read more about how I combine neurogenic tremors with qigong healing (I am a certified TRE provider).

     Prior to becoming absorbed in the practice of qigong I had, for 6 years, been teaching yoga at various yoga studios in Boulder, Colorado. I still appreciate and enjoy a good yoga practice but qigong has replaced yoga as my core meditative practice. I now live, love, practice, work and play on the Central Coast of California.

Lara J. Day

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