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Group Classes

These moving meditations are accessible to all as they are low impact and can be modified for any body. The breath, gentle movements and the mind are utilized as powerful tools to move awareness and energy within. 

*Please contact me directly via email or phone before attending a group practice for the first time as I am occasionally out of town and class may thus be cancelled.

"To me, qigong practice feels like a cross between dancing, playing, bathing and massaging myself with and in the suddenly tangible energy all around me."


-Lara J. Day

Practices offered:

Standing Practices:

2 Pole Practice
Standing Posture (Let Go Down)
Let Go Down With I AM
Gentle Flowing
Three Dantian Practice
Advanced Three Dantian Practice
Quan Yin Pour
Energy Shower
Three Jackies
Pushy Bird (connective tissue practice)
Dancing Cloud Hands
Primordial Qigong
Star Spirals to Open the 12 Gates
I-Ching Trigram Practices
Hip and Shoulder Circles
Four Golden Wheels
Connecting Universe
3 Treasures
Reverse Abdominal Breathing
Walking Qigong
Jing-Dong (Static-Dynamic, Spontaneous Movement)
S Pattern Energy Clearing


Seated Practices:


Rainbow Practice
Filling the Field
Solar Plexus Bowl Practice
Belt Channel Practice
The Six Healing Sounds
Central Channel Practice
Central Channel 3 Dantian Harmonizing
Healing Smile
5 Phase Flow, Shen and Ko cycles
Dao Yin (morning exercises)
Micro-cosmic Orbit
Macro-cosmic Orbit
The Fusion of the Five Elements (Inner Alchemy)
Relaxation Qigong
Lotus Flower
Seated Sword Finger

"Over the years I’ve attended a number of Qigong groups. None of them left much of a sustained imprint. Someone suggested that I try Lara’s Boulder group. During the first class, I connected immediately and profoundly with Qigong. This was due to Lara’s amazing ability to transmit a clear felt sense—moment to moment— through each exercise. I was able to easily access a sustained sense of wholeness—that of being synchronized with body, heart and mind. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to be more deeply in touch with their true nature. "

- Steve Roth

Boulder, Colorado

“Lara herself moves with the grace and ease she speaks of and teaches about. She is clearly bathing in the ‘sea of qi’ she encourages us, her students, to enter into. As a longtime movement teacher myself, I recognize that Lara has the rare ability to help her students easily access and experience the fluidity and peace that Qigong offers. Her instruction is beautiful, enjoyable to follow, insightful and creates a clear space for healing. Lara is a masterful guide with a poetic style and draws from her rich life experience."


- Tawny Sterios

San Luis Obispo, California

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