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Individual Neurogenic Qigong Treatments


What is Neurogenic Qigong? 

Neurogenic Qigong is the unique combination of medical qigong with neurogenic tension and trauma-releasing tremor work. 


Medical qigong, also known as qigong healing, is ancient Chinese energy medicine, the grandparent to classical acupuncture (before they began putting needles in the meridians they were working with the rivers and streams of energy in the body with their hands and minds, sound, internal meditative techniques, breath and movement). 


Neurogenic tremors are the central nervous system's innate way of discharging excess tension through rapid, involuntary muscle contractions. Neurogenic tremors are innate to all mammals. We’ve all experienced these tremors at some point in our lives and most likely when we did, we shut them down, gripped, held them in or tried to make them stop in some way. Shaking is not a socially accepted behavior in our society. It is perceived as weird or even scary, something that needs to be controlled, fixed or stopped. These beneficial tremors however are the reason "zebras don't get ulcers" and we would be much better off if we allowed them to move through. 

In a Neurogenic Qigong session, the client is initially guided into activating his or her body’s own innate tremor mechanism (through a sequence of movements) allowing the body to discharge excess, trapped energy and tension. The qigong healing energy work is interwoven as the natural tremor process unfolds. The body leads the way as lifelong patterns of contracted, bungled and knotted up energy unravel, unwind, release and fall away. The container of qigong gives us insight into our bodies, hearts, minds and lives and provides additional tools to gently nudge and support the body in its process of unfolding and returning to neutral. It is like pressing the reset button. By releasing these trapped patterns of tension, the body, heart and mind return to an optimal and relaxed state. Health and wholeness are restored.


Who can benefit from Neurogenic Qigong?

The quick and easy answer is anyone with a body and a nervous system... or anyone who has ever experienced stress or trauma in their life (hint: that's everyone). However, more specifically Neurogenic Qigong is for anyone who is up for working on their physical, emotional and or mental/spiritual health. Neurogenic Qigong is not a passive experience (like receiving a massage). Throughout the treatment, the client will be actively allowing the intelligence of the body to unwind patterns of trapped energy. 


  •  In addition to the actual Neurogenic Qigong Healing treatment, my clients also receive guidance in developing an energetic perspective and understanding of themselves. This immensely empowering information helps them move through life and navigate their inner and outer worlds with more awareness and sensitivity.         


  • Clients are always given ‘homework’ in the form of a prescribed personal qigong practice to take home and incorporate into their daily life. 

  • Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom

  • An initial intensive 3-series (three 2-hr. sessions) is required before clients are able to take advantage of recommended quarterly/seasonal 1hr. follow-up sessions.


 "I came to Lara for treatment related to PTSD and trauma. During one of the first sessions, I had a big breakthrough and was able to release a lot of pent up pain. It was a very powerful experience. I recommend Neurogenic Qigong with Lara for people who are seeking healing of old wounds and traumatic experiences. She has a great ability to connect with people." 


-Jesse Roberts

Bend, Oregon

"Lara is an amazing healer who saved me so many times. Her in-person healing once helped me resolve a trauma that happened 20 years prior and was still having an effect on my hands. It really helped me to heal my hands from arthritis! It was the one thing that I was missing in my fight with that debilitating disease. Her distance healings always helped me to balance my energy so I could come back to my own self. And it always worked! No matter what stress I went through, how low on energy I was, she could always create sacred space in such a way that worked in a most gentle and yet very profound way. Thank you Lara!"


-Olga Pchelintseva-Mares

New York

"Lara brings together bodies of wisdom and healing techniques in a way only a true medicine woman can. Medical qigong, five elements Chinese medicine and trauma release therapy-
All are powerful healing modalities but when merged together through her unique understanding something quite extraordinary emerges. She is able to facilitate an experience that creates new neurologic pathways that allow the innate health and wisdom of our bodies to flourish and thrive. Her work teaches us how to activate the medicine inside of each of us. Once liberated from stories, judgments and the fight-flight or freeze response around stress and trauma, the innate wisdom in our cells (and in ourselves) is restored and vitality and joy return.


Having studied and worked with many different forms of medicine, finding Lara has been a true gift as she brings a unique and needed bridge to our physical emotional and spiritual health." 

-Dawn DeSylvia, MD

Los Angeles, California


Working with Lara was an unexpected, not to mention profound, source of enlightenment. With Lara's help I learned that the body stores trauma in the nervous system until such a time as it is safe to be released. This can be decades later - well past the point at which we're confident we're adults operating with adult-level perspectives and maturity. Little do we know that traumas from childhood govern our reactions and responses to the world around us and those closest to us. The series of Neurogenic Qigong sessions I had with Lara provided more than one missing puzzle piece to childhood traumas that impact me to this day. Now that I have a sense of knowing what my body was holding onto, and why those memories were guarded for so long, I am able to examine and process them with the help of a strong support system (having multiple sources of support has been crucial for my process). My time with Lara was invaluable to me and my healing and I would recommend her work to anyone who has a desire to free themselves from their past. 


-Maggie Ragatz

Santa Margarita, California

I found Neurogenic Qigong with Lara Day to be incredibly powerful and empowering. Lara shows you how to use tremoring to release trauma stored in the physical body. Unlike talk therapy, Neurogenic Qigong doesn't require a rehashing of your life story or that you even translate your experience into words. Rather you learn how to honor and tap into your body's natural response to traumatic events and physically release the pain and anxiety that the body has stored inside over time. 

I left each session feeling lighter, calmer and more at peace. These effects lingered with me for weeks. Once you learn the technique, it's something you can do by yourself anytime you feel depressed, anxious, or stuck in negative thought spirals. 

Don't be fooled by Lara's humble demeanor. She has trained with masters and has created a revolutionary healing practice that I believe will soon transform how we deal with depression, anxiety and trauma. Since working with Lara I've made some massive changes in my life, overcome fears, and am crafting a life without limits. Thank you Lara!

Erin Sheets

Founder Goldifarms

"I came to Lara looking for some practices that I could do to help bring me into balance and provide some space for magic to happen. I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleness and ease of the practices that she shared with me. But more than that I am amazed by the depth that these seemingly subtle practices dropped into.


The trembling practices were a bit challenging at first, but as soon as I allowed my body to let go and “do its thing” – it appeared that time flew by and my body/mind let go of some chronic holding patterns from previous car accidents, bike accidents, and some childhood beliefs.


This work is exactly what my nervous system is needing to heal and shift into a place of receptivity rather than reaction. I feel more connected and empowered after our time together, knowing that I can do these practices on my own to help my nervous system and energetic self, recalibrate to a new frequency.


Over time I have noticed that I can access these places in myself much more readily than before. I am able to explore through sound, imagery, movement and energetic practices with Lara’s incredible gift of intuition and presence. I am stunned by her capacity to “see” and “feel” exactly what I am needing. Lara has facilitated and helped me release and let go of things that were not even on my radar… that have been stuck in my body/mind/energy since childhood.


I have had a number of cycling accidents that have left an enormous amount of residue – and this work has helped me reframe, rebalance and release- a true capacity for healing.

Lara’s work is insightful and powerful. Her presence alone and capacity to witness and hold the space for healing has been a wonderful gift for me on my journey of healing, transformation, and rediscovering the new me!"

-Michele K.P.

Sioux City, Iowa

"Since never having been through a Neurogenic Qigong session I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did, however, come to the space willing and open. Throughout the session, I was feeling an overwhelming sense of transformation. I did not feel as though I was on a mat in a studio, I felt miles away from my body. Yet at the same time, I felt very grounded and connected to my physical form. I want to promote more of that phenomenon in my conscious waking world.


 I was mostly surprised by the amount of energy I possessed after the work that had just been done to me. I cannot say that the session was a relaxing one, there was a lot of physical work that took place during the hour-plus that I was on the mat. But at the same time, there was space for my mind to relax and wander and for emotions to be set free.


Something I noticed physically after my session with Lara, was that I felt relief from some past injuries that I had been dealing with in my shoulder and ankle. These injuries have been nagging at me for some time now and no amount of rest or exercise had been able to break the tension in them until this session. As I sit and write now, the pain is noticeably less in these areas and feelings of hope are abundant for a full recovery.


Many memories came and went throughout the treatment. I was surprised by how far back these memories went. Some were decades old, and others farther than that. These memories had to do with emotional baggage that I had shoved down at one time or another. Things that were very painful at one time for me resurfaced spontaneously. Allowing these memories to pass felt necessary and important to my inner growth.


In summation, I can say that the experience I had with Lara was one of a kind. This being my first Neurogenic Qigong session, I was not disappointed by what came up. The transformation that occurred within me through Lara’s guidance was highly therapeutic and deeply healing. Lara has an uncanny ability to hold space passively while at the same time guiding you through the session. I felt completely comfortable with Lara, which allowed me to go deeper into the work that was happening and to be vulnerable with whatever came up during the session. Lara also gave me a full rundown of my session afterward while sharing tea. This was highly informative and help me process what had just happened during that hour and a half on the mat.


The only downside to the treatment was that I could not follow up with subsequent sessions. I live 6 hours away from San Luis Obispo and was only in town briefly. That said I hope to be making a trip back up to see her for follow-up sessions. It is completely worth the drive."


-Vince Robles

San Diego, California

"I came to Lara looking to address some anxiety issues that have flared in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and unexpectedly homeschooling my 4 kids. I was wanting to find a new way to breathe, manage stress and heal a dull ache in my abdomen. Lara gave me simple but effective tools to help me manage my stress moving forward and the sessions themselves left me feeling replenished and with good energy. After each session, I felt less dread and fewer feelings of frustration with my life circumstances. I also appreciated the opportunity to focus on particular words and sounds and felt that my pain was lifting. After one session, I checked in with my kids downstairs and my seven-year-old wanted a picture with me. I wasn't planning on it and took a selfie. It was interesting to observe myself in this photo as you can see the ease of my expression and the lightness I felt. I exuded happiness! The exercises Lara taught me to do on my own have helped me to be more aware of how I am feeling in the morning and at the end of the day. I am now able to clear my mind and focus myself more easily. Lara is kind, thoughtful and easy to work with. I strongly recommend trying a session to find out for yourself!"

-Angela West 


"I'm a very open person and also a bit of a skeptic - I want results that I can actually feel. I came to Lara open to experience Qigong treatment for the first time because I felt energetically that something had been off for a long time and because I loved her group classes and her beautiful, poetic way of teaching. During my qigong treatment, Lara was able to tell me things about my energy history in such stunning detail that I didn't quite know what to say. And in the days that followed, I experienced what I can only describe as a lightness that I wasn't experiencing before. My ability to stay positive and grounded has reached a different level.  I noticed it more and more as the days went by and realized that I had been feeling this way ever since my session with her! I don't know how else to describe it except to say that I feel whole. Lara is grounded, funny, approachable, humble and devoted to helping others and her work is very powerful."

- Linda Abbot


Los Angeles, California


"Receiving a treatment from Lara leaves me feeling relaxed, peaceful, emotionally

and spiritually joyful. In the days that follow I also realize that as a result of Lara’s work I am more meditative. A tangible shift has taken place. I have a better perspective of myself and my connection to the bigger picture. I can feel that a legitimate shift has occurred - that true and deep healing has been initiated. 

Lara’s skill as a Qigong practitioner is evident from the moment the session begins. She puts me at ease with her confidence and the joy with which she approaches her work. She carefully explains the treatment in a way that is profound and yet easy to understand and connect with. But what places Lara so far above other practitioners is her natural ability as a healer. She is intuitive- amazingly skilled in identifying one's unique state of being and health and her healing work is clearly powerful. I have received many sessions from Lara over the past 6 years. Each has balanced my energetic body and also promoted my health, joy of life, and well being.  Lara is a true healer. I highly recommend her - unreservedly."


-Mary Ann Heaney,

Louisville, Colorado

  "Hola! My name is Scott Walker. I own and operate Juice Ranch, a health food eatery/juicery in Santa Barbara County. I feel so lucky that in my life I have been magnetically drawn towards healthy eating, healthy living, and self-inquiry. Naturally, I was very curious about and open to the Qigong Healing work that Lara does. I have experienced both her teaching and healing sessions. Lara guides her students through qigong practice in a way that captivates 100% of my attention.  She beautifully weaves cues of feeling and imagery into her teachings... drawing me deep into my core. Lara's dynamic creativity is the ride. 

     Every individual treatment I have experienced with Lara has been uniquely medicinal to my soul. She has a way of tapping into me. It’s like a machine turns on and I feel synced up with her. I truly trust in her hands. This trust puts me at ease and allows my energy to flow freely. Throughout the energy work, I feel profound relaxation as well as moments of revelation and deep healing. When I open my eyes the treatment is far from over. Lara dives into the history of your energy body and connects her treatment with your story. She explains wonderfully in a way that makes easy and practical sense. She is open to questions and always happy to delve deeper. By the end of the session, I always feel as if I have achieved a significant meditative state and accessed deep healing. I am calm, I am grateful and have loved every one of these sessions. In these hands, I trust. Much Love."


-Scott Walker

Santa Barbara, California 

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